Crystal Software Management Team consists of former investment bankers with considerable knowledge and experience of the work required to support the IT/investment banking calling and execution efforts. We have over 3 years of experience building and managing global businesses.

Our skilled workforce is recruited from top schools and candidates are put through a rigorous training program to help them understand the specific needs of our clients.

Mahesh Prahalad
Chief Executive Officer

Prior to founding Crystal Software, Mahesh worked as Technical Manager, Product Manager, Program Manager etc for MNC's like NettStore, IBM, Universal Inc etc. Currently he is also offering consulting services for MNC companies like Incando, Icode, BEML, ITC and many. He spent his time more in their Technology Group in Corporate Finance sharing his time between the Software, Semiconductor, Communication Equipment and EMS sectors. Mahesh also worked with Nettstore where he spent his time in developing softwares on domains like corporate finance, e-commerce, mergers & acquisitions and equity research.

Mahesh has a Masters in Computer Science and Master of Finance Management from American Management College, Affiliate to California University .

Manish Biswal
Managing Partner

Manish spent most of his career with the Indian subsidiaries, FMCG Sector . He worked as Chief Marketing Manager for DOMINO (PTY), U.K. He has over 12 years of exposure in India and overseas and has consulted companies on numerous financial issues such as joint ventures, restructurings and bankruptcies.

Manish is a fellow of the "Institute of Marketing Consultant" in US, Europe and UK.